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Amodo is an independant HR technology consulting & recruiting company. We bear in our DNA the passion of technologies and human capital management.


Who We Are

Amodo was created to bring a high level of expertise to companies who are willing to make the best of their HR technology without having to manage its complexities and intricacies.

We take pride in placing humans at the centre of our strategy. It starts with our team and our business partners, who are our first strength, translating to high level of services delivered to our customers.

The mandates we work on are a space for creativity and cooperation where everybody brings their piece to the puzzle. Our ultimate goal is making sure that your HR technology delivers the best benefits to your organization.

Jean-Philippe Chesney

CEO – Amodo Inc.

Jean-Philippe began his career in HR roles such as recruitment, diversity, job and skills management, and compensation policies. He then shifted his focus to the HR technology industry, holding positions as a business analyst, project manager, and eventually Executive Director of Professional Services and Customer Support for a major software vendor. During this time, he had the opportunity to lead an international team of experts with diverse backgrounds for nearly 10 years.

With 16 years of experience in the HR technology industry, Jean-Philippe is a recognized leader who brings an entrepreneurial and strategic vision to each of his assignments.

In his free time, he is passionate about hockey and mountain activities, including climbing, skiing, and mountaineering.

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Emmanuel Hue

Associate Director, Operations & Strategy

Emmanuel began his career as a business analyst and project manager for large-scale HR technology deployments, where he led the implementation of over 30 HRIS projects. He then built and led a team of experts to provide outsourced HR technology administration services to large corporate clients (over 200 companies).

With 14 years of experience in the HR technology industry, Emmanuel stands out for his ability to attract and unite the best talents. His pragmatic vision coupled with his in-depth knowledge of information systems adds significant value to each of his assignments.

In his free time, Emmanuel is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and the leader of the Merle Marlow Band, a country music group.

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