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Our Expertise in Technologies & Information Systems for the Success of Your Projects

We provide you with talent acquisition solutions and support the delivery of your technological projects

Our services

Your success is our first priority

Talent Acquisition

Amodo is recognized for its expertise in technologies and attracting the best experts in information systems and technologies, project management, and change management. Beyond traditional headhunting, Amodo offers clients strategic advice, guiding them from identifying key requirements to integrating new talents. Our services are available for both temporary and permanent placements.

Vendor Selection

Your software selection is a critical step and is often a challenging process. 


Amodo will help you navigate this complex and evolving HR tech market and guide you to the solution that best fits your organization’s needs.

Project Implementation

HR solutions are an incredible opportunity to add value to your organization.

Amodo ensures a stress free implementation with one goal: that your technology brings you the best ROI.

Support & AMS

Supporting your key and end users requires both a functional and technical expertise.


We offer customized support services so that you can focus on the essential while the technology delivers its promises.


About Us

Amodo is an independent HR tech consulting & recruiting company. We carry in our DNA a passion for technologies and Human Capital Management.


Amodo was created to bring an expertise to companies who are willing to make the best of their HR technology without having to manage all of its complexities.

Discover a New Dimension
of HRIS Consulting

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