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Implementation project of your new HR Technology
The right methodology for your project's success

Implementing your new HR technology is an exciting project that can brings tremendous added value to your organization.


Amodo’s team commits to provide their expertise, ensuring that every step is delivered under complete control. The goal: for you to focus on your operations while our team secures the implementation of your solution.

Requirement Mapping

We have developed a unique methodology that translates your HR business processes directly into your chosen solution easily.

Our agile methodology, with short, iterative cycles, ensures the easiest learning curve for your team.

Training & Prototyping 

Our training approach allows for a smooth transition of your team on the newly configured HR solution.

A la carte training, we adapt the training plan to your specificities. You just validate who is best to take part in the sessions: HR business partners, key users, system administrators, managers, end users, etc.

Following the training, the test phase is the perfect opportunity to validate that your newly configured HR solution fits your business processes perfectly.

Go-Live & Hypercare

This is the end phase of the project and when all of your employees meet the solution.

Amodo is here to ensure that first impressions of the new tool is a success.

Amodo supports you every step of the way during your HR solution project with one main focus: that your HR solution serves your organization with the best ROI.


Let's Chat!

Whether you’re looking for a short-term mandate or ongoing support, our team will be happy to help you transform your challenges into successes.

Take a few seconds to fill in our form and our team will be happy to talk to you about your project and learn more about how we can help.

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